Keeping up with your passions...,

In reality, I don't think anyone retires.  They just move on to pursue other passions.  For sure, it is what keeps us young.  A long time passion of mine has been making beautiful things out of yarn.  Things one can wrap themselves in for warmth and security.  Knowing it was made with love is just a plus.  

I have compiled a gallery of things I have made and which have not been gifted to others.  I'd love to say I'm keeping 'em for me; but there are too many and I love seeing people using my creations.

If you are interested in purchasing something, please send me an send me an email using this link.

Blankets and...,

  • Seaweed Shawl - Sold
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    Seaweed Shawl - Sold
    Soft Merino yarn. The question isn't "What color is it?" The question is "What color isn't it?" Tiny glass beads to anchor the ends.